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[margin10] NI & TFT at BCMA 2015 [fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]The Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association 2015 Technical Conference[/fancy_header3]

The Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association (B&CMA) Technical Conference is held in the spring, and is the largest conference dedicated exclusively to the cookie and cracker industry, and is targeted towards all areas of bakery operations and suppliers to the industrial segment.

The B&CMA Technical Conference features a general session covering the yearly outlook regarding the State of the Industry and breakout sessions focusing on production, technology, management and sustainability topics — all addressing core technological subject matter and prominent consumer issues that are critical areas for industry professionals. The Conference is further enhanced with Expert Panels, a Table Top Exhibit by industry suppliers, a New Product Display and several networking events which provide professionals at any stage in their career many opportunities to network, learn from peers and advance their knowledge by learning subject matter critical to their profession. [fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Contact us today to learn more about attending the conference[/fancy_header3] cake1e

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