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Hand Stretched Pizza Crust Spinning Machine

Recently developed and patented unique concept for stretching and flattening pizza dough pieces.

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The new system, available in different configurations with capacities ranging from 1,000 pieces/hr up to 8,000 pieces/hr provides a very smooth flattening of proofed dough pieces at ambient temperature (no heat required). This unique concept consists of a special head provided with a series of rollers, rotating at high speed, gently spreading the dough from the center to the outside and producing a large disc of dough.


This process, compared with existing systems producing pizza crusts, such as for instance Cold Pressing or Hot Pressing, includes significant advantages, such as:

  • Very gentle process, with low stress on the dough (dough is 'rolled', not pressed)
  • Process very close to the artisan way of making pizzas
  • No heat: the top layer of the dough is not dried/baked by the stretching heads
  • A small amount of dough can give a very thin and large crust diameter
  • Each head is separated from the others and can be adjusted independently in order to achieve the same diameter of the pizza disk.
  • No labour required on the line for final manual stretching or positioning
  • Large crust diameters can be produced
  • Much more compact system
  • From 8 inch to 12.5 inch diameter
  • From 6.5 oz to 14oz dough pieces
  • With or without raised edge
  • Up to 4 heads on a single unit available

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