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Multi-Step System for Proofing

Multi-Step System (for proofing, cooling and freezing) is available in three different versions: Multi-Step Line, Multi-Step Block, and Multi-Block. 

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  • The compact design saves floor space by using vertical space
  • The compact dimensions allow for easy enclosure
  • Proof time is flexible (levels can be skipped and modules can be bypassed)
  • System is modular for growing capacity or for different proof times
  • Gentle handling of carriers (carriers never touch each other) eliminates disorientation of products
  • Carriers move over plastic strip (patented)
  • Very few moving parts
  • Fresh air recirculation system included
  • Very accurate control of temperature and relative humidity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highly reliable, solid construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Washdown design and easily accessible for cleaning
  • Pans, baking sheets, trays, or peelboards can all be handled by the Multi-Step proofer. Different carriers can be used as long as their outside dimensions are equal.
  • Turnkey: supplied complete with insulated housing and air treatment unit for proofing, cooling, or freezing

Multi-Step Line:

An indexing chain feeds the carriers into the proofer. Carriers never touch each other, resulting in less wear and tear on the carriers themselves. When a row is filled with carriers, the entire row is lifted up to the next level. This process repeats until the first row reaches the top. The carriers are then moved over and are lowered level by level until they reach the lowest level and discharge from the proofer.

The Multi-Step System is a ‘First-In-First-Out’ system in which the product carriers are conveyed as follows:

  • Product carrier is fed to a cam conveyor system
  • Cam conveyor fills up a number of product carriers positioned in the Multi-Step System at regular intervals
  • Carrier profiles rise on both sides of the cam conveyor and lift the product carriers
  • Product carriers are moved upwards in steps until they reach the horizontal pushing mechanism
  • This mechanism transports carriers horizontally to the descending section of the Multi-Step System
  • Descending section brings the product carriers down onto the outfeed index conveyor
  • This conveyor transfers the product carriers out of the enclosure one by one
  • Product carrier is then fed back into the continuous circuit
  • Smooth movements through the entire system ensure that the dough is handled very gently

This system is very flexible. For longer proof times, every level is filled and then goes to the next level. For shorter proof times, levels can be skipped.

Multi-Step Block:

In this compact version of the Multi-Step System, the ascending and descending sections run parallel to each other. The horizontal pushing mechanism of the sections is linked by means of a transfer conveyor.

With this compact version, the infeed and discharge lines are adjacent to each other.

For the remainder, the operation is the same as with the “in-line” system.


Where the traditional Multi-Step System only has one ascending and descending part, the Block System consists of at least two of such sections. A small group of product carriers is stopped on the infeed conveyor. This row of pans is then lifted up. When the pan group arrives at the top level, it is pushed to the descending section of the Multi-Block system, where they are lowered to the conveyor level in steps. After leaving the first section, the pans enter the second part, where they will again be transferred up and down through the stepping mechanism. This process can continue as many times as required for the bakery line.

Located underneath all the sections is a long conveyor, provided with stoppers at each ascending section. One big advantage of the Multi-Block System is that sections can be by-passed if required.


Capacities will vary based on product application. Please contact us for throughputs relevant for your product.

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