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Wirecutters and Extruders

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[fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Wirecutters:[/fancy_header3]

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  • Heavy duty, sanitary design
  • High torque extruding
  • Speeds of 300+ cuts/minute
  • Fully programmable cutting profile (cut speed, wire drop and wire return after each cut) allows for flexibility
  • Dies are CNC machined from one piece of material
  • Stainless steel cups and Delrin insert are included
  • Integrated control panel


[fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Extruders – Dual and Triple:[/fancy_header3]
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  • Extrusion of 1, 2 or 3 materials
  • Very high weight accuracy
  • Heavy duty
  • Sanitary design – very easy disassembly for cleaning
  • For a wide variety of products: viscous dough, fig paste, nougat, creams, jellies, caramel, chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallow, etc.
  • Standard widths: 800mm / 1,000mm / 1,200mm / 1,500mm