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Depositing & Decorating Solutions

From depositors and injection systems to transfer pumps, our portfolio is built up of a wide variety of flexible solutions for industrial food and bakery processors.  

Designed to work over conveyors, our industrial food filling depositors offer precise, flexible solutions in a hygienic design. Whether you are producing desserts or ready meals, our industrial depositors can handle a wide variety of applications. The MR900 can handle creams, icing, pie fillings, and other dessert components. Meanwhile, the RBB300 is designed to handle heavier products such as mashed potatoes, vegetables in sauce, ready meals, and other ready meal components. 

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High speed depositors (RBB300)

The RBB300 High-Speed Depositor provides accurate portioning and depositing for a wide range of products, from low viscosity sauces to mashed potatoes, to fillings and creams for desserts. With a capacity of over 15,000 products per hour, the machine is designed for consistent, reliable deposits with less waste. With its small footprint and custom-built dimensions, it can easily fit into existing lines.

depositors (MR900)

The MR900 Industrial Depositor can handle products from batters and icings to custards and sponge mixes. Product cylinders come in four sizes to accommodate portions ranging from 0.7 to 44 oz (20 to 1,250 grams). The deposit volume and speed are fully adjustable, and the machine is completely air-operated so it requires no electricity. It features stainless steel production and hygienic design.

Injection systems

Inject filings into donuts, cream puffs, and more with our Industrial Injection Systems, available as semi-automatic (up to 4,200 products/hour) or fully-automatic (up to 25,000 products/hour). The systems are highly accurate for portioning and waste control. Various configurations are available, including top, side, and bottom injection. Also see our decorating systems for product finishing.

Multi-Axis xyz decorating systems

Our Multi-Axis XYZ Decorating System can create an almost infinite assortment of 3D decoration patterns with precise repeatability or be programmed to introduce randomization for a hand-decorated appearance. The portioning and depositing is highly accurate, the volume and speed are fully adjustable, and a recipe-based control system saves recipe settings for different SKUs.

Transfer Pumps

Our Transfer Pump is a flexible, hygienic system for moving products between steps in your production line, such as from mixing bowls to kettles. It can handle products with a wide variety of viscosities — from oils to pastes — at up to 4,600 lbs (2,100 kg) per hour. The machine is fully air-operated, quiet, and features a hygienic design.

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