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Pizza Presses


  • Most widely used application for producing pizzas on large scale
  • Multiple independent lanes across allows line to be built wider and run at a slower linear speed, yet still have high-capacity throughput
  • Heads run independently so if one head needs servicing, the others can still run
  • Uses less heat and pressure than traditional presses to form the crusts
  • Completely servo-driven press heads, eliminating hydraulics
  • Dough pieces are fed to the line coming directly from the proofer
  • The first row of heads provides a first gentle pressing without heat
  • Dough pieces are then transferred under pressing heads to perform the final flattening, pressure and temperature are applied to push the dough to the tray walls to create the rim and fix the diameter
  • System is designed to reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • User-friendly software offers maximum flexibility
  • Pressure and temperature are applied to guarantee the roundness, thickness, and shape of the end product



  • Two models available for hot pressing in individual pans or directly on belt
  • Hot press or warm press
  • Automatic docking systems


  • Pressed Pizza


  • From 10′-30′ long
  • Up to 12 rows across


  • Up to 7,500 pcs/hour
  • Pizza sizes from 6″ to 14″
  • Custom sizes for meeting your required capacities are available


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