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Automated Equipment for All of your bakery applications

From mixers and dough dividers to complete production lines for bread, pizza, and more, we provide industrial baking equipment and automation expertise to help you grow your business.


Whether you’re looking for a single unit machine to reduce or eliminate manual labor & increase your bottom line, or a complete bakery system for fully automatic production, Naegele Bakery Systems has the equipment & experience you can count on for turning your automation goals into a reality. 


At Naegele Bakery Systems, we know your products mean everything to your business. We’re committed to providing our experience with food processing equipment & new technologies for developing your new products & successfully automating even the most challenging of production requirements.

Latest News

Naegele’s Top 5 Articles of 2021

Our top articles from 2021 cover pizza trends and demands, expanding into the gluten-free market, and upgrading or automating processing equipment.  1. Are You Ready for an Automated Pizza Production Line? With one in eight Americans eating pizza on any given day,...

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Mixing Equipment for Plant-Based Meat Products

As many manufacturers are quickly discovering, traditional meat processing equipment is not ideal for plant-based meat products. This is because traditional meat processing is “subtractive” -- the goal is to break apart a carcass -- while plant-based products require...

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Enhancing Baked Goods With High Fiber

Gut health is one of the key consumer trends driving product innovation in the food and beverage industry. And one of the keys to managing gut health is a high-fiber diet. Most Americans (86%) have tried or are interested in trying high-fiber food and beverages for...

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5 Top Bakery Trends for 2022

As we round out this year, it’s time to look ahead to the next one. 2022 will likely bring changes for bakery manufacturers as consumers return to restaurants in greater numbers than they have since before the pandemic. At the same time, consumers’ priorities have...

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Popular Applications

Naegele Bakery Systems offers industrial baking and food processing equipment for a wide range of bakery applications.





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