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Automated Equipment for All of your bakery applications

From mixers and dough dividers to complete production lines for bread, pizza, and more, we provide industrial baking equipment and automation expertise to help you grow your business.


Whether you’re looking for a single unit machine to reduce or eliminate manual labor & increase your bottom line, or a complete bakery system for fully automatic production, Naegele Bakery Systems has the equipment & experience you can count on for turning your automation goals into a reality. 


At Naegele Bakery Systems, we know your products mean everything to your business. We’re committed to providing our experience with food processing equipment & new technologies for developing your new products & successfully automating even the most challenging of production requirements.

Latest News

Understanding OSHA Oven Inspection Requirements

Last year, we published an article on NFPA 86, the National Fire Protection Association standard that covers ovens and furnaces. This standard isn’t a law and of itself, but OSHA uses it as the basis for its own standard: CFR 1910.263 - Bakery Equipment. Section...

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Is Continuous Mixing Right for Your Application?

In our previous article, we outlined five major benefits of continuous mixing. Here we’ll look at the factors that determine whether continuous mixing is the right choice for you. Continuous mixing bakery applications Continuous mixing is a versatile process that can...

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5 Benefits of Continuous Mixing for Bakery Manufacturers

Continuous mixing equipment has been available for quite a while, but only recently has the idea of continuous processing started to take hold in the bakery industry. Batch mixing is the standard, and processors haven’t seen the need to change their production models....

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Popular Applications

Naegele Bakery Systems offers industrial baking and food processing equipment for a wide range of bakery applications.





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