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The snacks market has soared during the pandemic. Take these proof points from Mondelez International’s 2020 State of Snacking report:

  • 88% of global adults report snacking more during the pandemic than before
  • 54% have relied on snacks for nourishment
  • 52% say snacking has been a “lifeline”

This growth provides a wealth of opportunities for bakery manufacturers to expand their market share. We’ve combed all of the major consumer trends reports to discover five snack trends that bakers can leverage in 2022 and beyond.

1. Snacking any time of day

Snacks are no longer just for mid-afternoons or right before bed. Consumers are snacking at any time of day, often even replacing meals with snacks. According to data from The Hartman Group, nearly 25% of consumers now snack in the early morning. Bakery manufacturers can capitalize on this with convenient, tasty snacks like breakfast bars, protein bars, and oat bites.

2. Whole grains and ancient grains

Whole grains have been trending for a while now, and ancient grains have seen a steady rise because of their functional benefits and sustainability. By incorporating whole and ancient grains, bakery manufacturers may also be able to benefit from label claims like “high-fiber.”

3. Healthy indulgence

Interest in health and wellness has spiked over the past two years, but consumers still want indulgent foods (Mondelez found that comfort is the top driver of snacking). Bakery manufacturers can meet this need by enhancing the nutrient content and reducing the sugar in their products.

4. Protein enhancement

As the plant-based food trend continues to grow, consumers are looking for new and varied ways to get their daily protein. Many new ingredients for protein enhancement have come on the market recently, and many of the common ingredients that bakers already use (like nuts, seeds, and certain grains) have high protein content to meet consumers’ needs. Sunflower seeds are particularly popular for their high protein and low saturated fat.

5. Upcycling

Sustainability is top-of-mind for consumers, which has driven increased interest in upcycling. Bakery products are ideal for upcycling and, so far, most upcycling applications are in bakery. Examples include flour made from coffee plant fruit, chips made from the pulp after vegetables are juiced, and baked goods made from okara (the byproduct of tofu and soymilk production).

For more of the latest food trends content, read: 5 Top Bakery Trends for 2022.

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