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BAR products

From granola bars and fruit-filled breakfast bars to energy bars and meal-replacement bars, the bar products market is booming as consumers continue to reach for on-the-go snacks.

Matching the wide variety in the market, there are several ways bar products are made. They may be deposited, extruded, or sheeted; filled or not; cold-formed or baked; and cut using guillotine cutters or ultrasonic cutters.

Whatever type of bar product you make, our experts can help you select the right equipment for your application. The list below provides an example of some types of equipment used to make bar products. Please call us at 708-388-7766 or fill out our Contact Us form to discuss your specific needs.

Artisan Bread

Automated equipment for bar product lines


Sobatech continuous mixing

To make high-quality products, you need a high-quality mixer. Our single sigma, double sigma, roller bar, and continuous mixers are ideal for processing ingredient mixes, doughs, and fillings.


Industrial depositors provide highly accurate portioning and depositing for batters, fruit fillings, toppings, and more.


Filled bars, such as breakfast bars, often use extrusion for batters and fruit fillings. We offer both extruders and co-extruders.

Cold forming line

For bar products that are not baked, our cold forming lines ensure gentle handling and product consistency.


Indirect Fired Impingement Ovens

For bar products that are baked, the oven is the heart of the production line. Ovens may also be used for drying. Choose from our selection of impingement, gas-fired, and thermal oil ovens to find the one that best meets your requirements.

Ultrasonic cutters

Ultrasonic cutters provide clean edges and precise cutting without smashing products or inclusions. We offer ultrasonic cutting systems for round products, rectangular products, and bar products from continuous sheets.

Spiral coolers and freezers

Spiral coolers and freezers provide rapid heat extraction and even cooling / freezing across the belt. Our equipment features a specialized air distribution system that guarantees sensitive products will not be damaged and prevents excessive dehydration.

Custom equipment forĀ all of your baking needs

Do you have a unique application? Our equipment specialists can help you select the right solution, whether that means custom-building equipment or adapting equipment designed for different applications.

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