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Cakes and cupcakes

The demand for cakes and cupcakes is growing as consumers seek indulgences. In their 2020 report on the global cake market, Grand View Research notes that “people around the globe have started celebrating every single moment of success, happiness, and occasion.” This is especially true of younger consumers, who use cakes to celebrate everything from promotions at work to pet birthdays.

Whether you make steamed cakes, layer cakes, cupcakes, Swiss rolls, or cake bars, Naegele Bakery Systems offers the end-to-end equipment you need to produce attractive, delicious products at an industrial scale.

Artisan Bread

Automated equipment for cake and cupcake production lines


Sobatech continuous mixing

To make high-quality products, you need a high-quality mixer. Our continuous, single sigma, and double sigma mixers are ideal for processing batters.


Sobatech continuous mixing

Industrial depositors provide highly accurate portioning and depositing for batters and sponge mixes, as well as icing, fondant, and other fillings and toppings.


Indirect Fired Impingement Ovens

The oven is the heart of your cake production line. Choose from our selection of impingement, gas-fired, and thermal oil ovens to find the one that best meets your requirements.

Injection systems

Indirect Fired Impingement Ovens

Our injection systems can handle any type of filling — from creams and custards to jellies and chocolates — to turn your cupcakes into an extra special treat.

Decorating systems

Indirect Fired Impingement Ovens

Achieve precise repeatability or introduce randomization for a hand-decorated appearance with our multi-axis XYZ decorating systems. Any decoration pattern you can think up, our decorating systems can recreate.

Ultrasonic cutters

Indirect Fired Impingement Ovens

Ultrasonic cutters provide clean edges and precise cutting without smashing products or inclusions. We offer ultrasonic cutting systems for round products, rectangular products, and bar products from continuous sheets.

Spiral coolers and freezers

Multi-deck proofer

Spiral coolers and freezers provide rapid heat extraction and even cooling / freezing across the belt. Our equipment features a specialized air distribution system that guarantees sensitive products will not be damaged and prevents excessive dehydration.

Pans and bakeware

Multi-deck proofer

The right bakeware is crucial for the quality and consistency of your final product. We offer straps, pans, and baking trays for every product.

Complete cake and cupcake production lines

Layer cake lines

Multi-deck proofer

Do you produce layer cakes with mousse, meringue, cream, jams, or other toppings? We offer complete production lines for fresh or frozen layer cakes, custom built for your product.

Finishing line

Multi-deck proofer

Finishing lines can cut cake into strips, roll or stack cake layers, and automate the process of filling and decorating.

Custom equipment for all of your baking needs

Do you have a unique application? Our equipment specialists can help you select the right solution, whether that means custom-building equipment or adapting equipment designed for different applications.

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