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Hearth Bread Line with Multi-Click Line

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Freestanding bread production is the oldest method of baking, when no baking pans were available. After kneading the dough manually, it was put in baskets to proof. The
baker would then manually fill his stone oven by putting the dough pieces on the oven floor by means of a long spoon.

Various line types are possible, so first some choices have to be made: final proofing on flat surface or in baskets?

If the answer is baskets, an additional variable has to determine the final concept choice: the number of different bread shapes, i.e. basket shapes. If the answer is: “one or two baskets”, the concept choice can be “Swingtray Proofer”. But if the answer is: “up to four different baskets”, the obvious choice is a “Multi-Click Line”. Each of these line concepts can be completed with a Cyclothermic oven or a Thermal Oil oven. The baked products are cooled in Multi-Spiral system.


When the bread type requires basket proofing, but there can be up to four different basket sizes, the solution is the patented Multi-Click concept. The heart of this system is a square carrier tube with baskets attached to it on all four sides. The length of the tube (Multi-Click carrier) equals the width of the oven. Each of the four sides of the square tube carries a different shape of basket. Depending on the bread type, one of the basket shapes is turned upward to carry the dough.

Between the proofer and the oven, the Multi-Click manipulator will pick up each carrier and gently turn over the baskets to deposit the dough onto the oven infeed belt.

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