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High Speed Depositor (RBB 300)

Our RBB300 is a high speed depositor for accurate portion depositing of a wide range of products from mashed potatoes and ready meal components to fillings and creams for desserts.

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  • Designed for ready meals and desserts
  • Precise volumetric filler
  • Depositing range of low viscosity sauces and oils to mashed potatoes to broccoli in a cheese sauce
  • Robust user friendly design and controls
  • Completely integrated system with control cabinet
  • Easy installation and easy to upgrade existing lines due to small footprint
  • Can be used with indexing or continuous moving conveyor
  • Less mess and waste – if there is no tray, the machine will not deposit
  • Volumetric metering is directly above the depositing outlet resulting in more consistent and reliable deposits
  • No unhygienic hoses – only directly coupled fittings


  • Multiple sizes of product cylinder available
  • Many types of nozzles and cut-offs available
  • Rotary spreaders, suck-back outlets, manifolds, diving nozzle, etc.
  • Standard or custom hoppers available
  • Paddle agitators or auger feed screws for hopper optional


  • Desserts
  • Pie Fillings
  • Pastes
  • Sauces
  • Mashed Potato
  • Ready Meals
  • Vegetables with Sauce
  • Ready Meal Components


  • Custom built, equipment dimensions are made to suit capacity and process requirements


  • Over 15,000 products per hour

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