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gluten-free products

The market for gluten-free products is growing steadily and manufacturers continue to expand their product lines and production capacity to keep up with the demand.

One challenge in making gluten-free products is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The process depends on the type of dough. For example, some gluten-free bread doughs are similar to traditional bread doughs, so they’ll use a traditional dough ball or sheeting process. Other gluten-free breads use a dough that’s more similar to cake batter. In these cases, a cake-making process, such as depositing or extruding, is a better option.

Whatever type of gluten-free product you make, our experts can help you select the right equipment for your application. The list below provides an example of some types of equipment used to make gluten-free products. Please call us at 708-388-7766 or fill out our Contact Us form to discuss your specific needs.

Artisan Bread

Automated equipment for gluten-free product lines


Sobatech continuous mixing

To make high-quality products, you need a high-quality mixer. Our single sigma, double sigma, roller bar, and continuous mixers are ideal for processing a wide variety of doughs and batters.


Industrial depositors provide highly accurate portioning and depositing for gluten-free batters.


Indirect Fired Impingement Ovens

The oven is the heart of your production line. Choose from our selection of impingement, gas-fired, and thermal oil ovens to find the one that best meets your requirements.

Complete production lines for gluten-free products

Artisan bread lines

Gluten-free doughs that are similar to traditional bread doughs often use a dough ball or sheeting process. Our complete artisan bread lines can be customized to the requirements of gluten-free products.

Cake production lines

Gluten-free doughs that resemble batters often use cake-making equipment. Our complete cake lines can be customized for gluten-free product applications.

Custom equipment for all of your baking needs

Do you have a unique application? Our equipment specialists can help you select the right solution, whether that means custom-building equipment or adapting equipment designed for different applications.

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