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Sanitary Dough Sheeting Lines 

Unique dough sheeting technology allows you to produce a wide range of products such as baguettes, ciabatta, rolls, pizza, tin bread, focaccia, and flatbread. This line was designed and developed to allow manufacturers to maintain flexibility in an industrial setting for artisan and standard dough production.


  • Multiple functions per unit, saves space and provides flexibility for future products
  • Safety level in compliance with the latest CE regulations
  • High- and low-absorption doughs can both be run through the same sheeting head, due to automatically adjustable rollers
  • System is self-feeding and has no falling heights for dough
  • Optimal protection of dough sheet by choosing non-stick coatings and the use of a small amount of flour before dough sheet forming – NO OIL
  • Due to the unique design, a very wide range of dough viscosities can be produced on the same line
  • Allows for such control over the dough that, depending on the product, either a fine or open cell structure can be produced
  • Maximum visibility and control of the production process
  • User-friendly integrated PLC system — all components can be monitored from each screen in any complete line that we supply
  • The Help function within the PLC consists of the complete operating and maintenance manual
  • No use of chains anywhere on the line
  • Heavy-duty design for 24/7 production
  • Easy and ergonomic changeover of tooling — no tools required for changeovers
  • Tool trolley for storage of flour sifters and other changeover parts
  • Washdown design is standard — only stainless steel and FDA approved plastics are used
  • Special treatment of all stainless steel surfaces to prevent sticking
  • Special design of sheeting head allows for internal cleaning access through use of a cabinet style door
  • PLC cleaning mode opens all individual units to maximum gaps, creating space for easy access
  • Quick releases on all belts and hinged tension rollers
  • Non-fraying belting
  • Flour sifters are easily removed from production line — no plugs
  • All motors and bearings are covered


  • Optional automatic filling of flour sifters and seed applicator



  • Baguettes
  • Ciabatta
  • Focaccia
  • Pizza
  • Tin bread
  • Flat bread


  • Capacities will vary based on product application. Please contact us for throughputs relevant for your product.

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