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artisan bread

The market for artisan bread is not only growing, it’s diversifying. In addition to homemade taste and rustic appearance, consumers today are seeking out heirloom grains, functional flours, protein supplementation, and more. At the same time, they still want clean labels with minimal ingredients.

Whatever artisan-style breads you make — baguettes, boules, ciabatta, rolls, and so on — you need equipment designed to handle challenging high-hydration doughs. Naegele Bakery Systems offers a wide range of bakery processing solutions to ensure that every product that comes off of your line looks and tastes authentic.

Artisan Bread

Automated equipment for artisan bread production lines


Sobatech continuous mixing

To make high-quality products, you need a high-quality mixer. Our continuous and roller bar mixers are designed to develop uniform dough structures and gluten networks.

Dough dividers

Sobatech continuous mixing

A high-quality dough divider is the key to achieving consistent portions every time. We offer three types of dough dividers to meet your handling and capacity requirements.

Sheeting lines

Sobatech continuous mixing

Dough sheeting technology enables manufacturers to make artisan breads at an industrial scale. Our sheeting lines provide gentle, stress-free dough handling to ensure the dough is not damaged or degassed during processing.


Sobatech continuous mixing

Whatever your dough’s crumb structure or water content, we have moulders that provide gentle handling at high capacities.


Sobatech continuous mixing

Our rounders can run a wide range of dough consistencies, including the fermented and high-hydration doughs typical of artisan breads.


Multi-deck proofer

Tired of throwing away under- or over-proofed dough? Our proofers will help you reduce waste by increasing reliable consistency and product quality.


Indirect Fired Impingement Ovens

The oven is the heart of your artisan bread production line. Choose from our selection of impingement, gas-fired, and thermal oil ovens to find the one that best meets your requirements.

Spiral coolers and freezers

Multi-deck proofer

Spiral coolers and freezers provide rapid heat extraction and even cooling / freezing across the belt. Our equipment features a specialized air distribution system that guarantees sensitive products will not be damaged and prevents excessive dehydration.

Pans and bakeware

Multi-deck proofer

The right bakeware is crucial for the quality and consistency of your final product. We offer straps, pans, and baking trays for every product.

Complete artisan bread production lines

Baguette line

Multi-deck proofer

Our baguette line can produce up to 8,000 baguettes per hour while still ensuring the stress-free dough that’s required for the desired cell structure and crumb. The line provides highly accurate temperature and humidity control for the ideal baking climate and the perfect crust.

Ciabatta line

Multi-deck proofer

Our ciabatta line can produce up to 6,000 large or 12,000 medium-sized ciabattas per hour. The dough make-up is achieved with a stress-free sheeting line.

Hearth bread lines

Multi-deck proofer

The freestanding loaf is the epitome of artisan bread. Our hearth bread lines mimic authentic freestanding loaf production using peelboards, belt proofers, and basket proofers.

Rolls and buns line

Multi-deck proofer

Combining gentle handling with high-capacity production, our rolls and buns can produce up to 36,000 thousand rolls or buns per hour.

Custom equipment for all of your baking needs

Do you have a unique application? Our equipment specialists can help you select the right solution, whether that means custom-building equipment or adapting equipment designed for different applications.

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