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Dough dividers

Dough Expert Dividers

The Dough Expert can create dough portions from 1 to 78 oz (30 to 2,200 g) at a rate of 750 to 9,000 pieces per hour. The unit is made with stainless steel and synthetic materials to prevent corrosion, and the dividing mechanism is wear-free, providing lasting quality. A dough pressure regulator is available for handling soft, delicate dough.

Dough Expert C-Frame Dividers

The Dough Expert C-Frame combines all of the advantages of the Dough Expert and a more hygienic and accessible design. The dividing area can be washed down, and the springs / pneumatic cylinders are completely enclosed. The Dough Expert C-Frame can also handle higher capacities, from 3,200 to 12,800 pieces per hour.

Dough Master Dividers

The Dough Master is a versatile divider, able to process pieces up to 80 oz (2,280 g) at as many as 12,800 pieces per hour. This machine comes with a dough pressure regulator and optimized suction stroke for handling soft, delicate dough with less damage and less residual dough. It’s also designed for easy cleanability and can be completely hosed down.

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