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Every baker knows that production of high-quality products starts with the mixer. It’s the beginning of the journey for the ingredients and dough that ultimately become the finished product.

Our industrial mixers use the same principle by starting with the best components and technology available to deliver high-quality, low-maintenance, and extremely reliable mixing systems that can produce identical doughs over and over again. All of our mixers have a service life measured in decades, and, through unique design features, offer the fastest mix times while maintaining the lowest dough temperatures of any comparable solution available on the market today.

Whether you’re making short dough for cookies or pies, or yeast dough for artisan breads or pizza crusts, we offer mixing solutions to meet even the most demanding applications.

Sobatech continuous mixing

Continuous Mixers

Continuous mixing increases throughput and product quality while keeping costs down. Our continuous mixing solutions can process up to 20,000 lbs of dough per hour and are available in three designs to handle a wide variety of applications, from breads of all kinds to cookies, cakes, and pastries.

Roller Bar Mixers

Our Tilt Bowl Roller Bar Mixer has a unique bowl-to-agitator design that improves aeration and results in faster mixing times for doughs for bread, rolls, bagels, donuts, and more. The proprietary roller bar technology allows for full absorption and fast development of a uniform dough cell structure and gluten network, which maintains the quality of the dough from batch to batch.

Single Sigma Mixers

The Single Sigma Mixer provides gentle mixing in a continuous action to achieve homogeneous distribution of ingredients with minimum heat generation. This mixer can process biscuits, cookies, muffins, cheesecake, and more at capacities ranging from 600 to 5,200 lbs (272 to 2,359 kg).

Double Sigma Mixers

The Double Sigma Mixer creates a homogeneous dough mass in a short amount of time while still retaining a low temperature. This mixer is ideal for a variety of products including short doughs, biscuits, crackers, pie dough, and batters. It can handle capacities between 1,100 and 5,000 lbs (499 to 2,268 kg) per batch.

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