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Our top articles from 2021 cover pizza trends and demands, expanding into the gluten-free market, and upgrading or automating processing equipment. 

1. Are You Ready for an Automated Pizza Production Line?

With one in eight Americans eating pizza on any given day, pizza is an ever-popular food, and it’s becoming even more so during the pandemic. So how can pizza manufacturers keep up with the growing demand? For many, the solution is switching to semi- or fully-automated production lines.

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2. Alternative Crust Pizza: What You Need to Know About Processing and Equipment

Low-carb, gluten-free, plant-based — the market for alternative crust pizza is growing as consumers look for better-for-you versions of one of their favorite foods. But while this is a great opportunity for pizza manufacturers to expand their product offerings, alternative crust dough might present some challenges for traditional processing equipment.

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3. Naegele Bakery Systems Partners with Sobatech to Offer Continuous Mixing Equipment to North American Market

In April, Naegele Bakery Systems partnered with Sobatech, a Netherlands-based company that manufactures continuous mixing and other processing equipment for the food industry. This partnership allows Naegele to provide Sobatech’s unique technology to bakery and other food manufacturers in North America.

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4. “The new proofer saves us time and makes our operations more efficient. We’re very happy with the equipment and service we’ve received from Naegele.” ~John Davis, Marion’s Piazza

Family-owned restaurant chain Marion’s Piazza was making thousands of doughs in 240-pound batches every day. They couldn’t afford to have one of their machines go down, so they reached out to Naegele to purchase new proofing equipment. Not only did this ensure they could always stay up and running, but they also reaped other benefits like increased efficiency and reduced waste.

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5. Gluten-Free Means Gluten-Free: Overview of the FDA’s Gluten-Free Food Labeling Rule

Considering breaking into the gluten-free bakery market? This Q&A provides an overview of the labeling rules to help manufacturers ensure compliance with FDA regulations.

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