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Dough Folding & Filling

Bakery products requiring intricate, repetitive forming and folding are often some of the most labor-intensive and expensive for bakers to produce. Our fully-automated dough folding and filling machinery creates high-quality folded pastry and short-dough products with reliable repeatability and minimal staffing requirements. We offer a wide range of machines with capacities to suit craft and industrial bakeries. Standard tooling is available for traditional products such as danish pastries, turnovers, pinwheels, empanadas, kolaczki, etc., and unique tooling can be designed to create almost any folded product. See our machine categories below to learn more about how we can automate your folded dough products.

Hercules Dough Folder

The Hercules Dough Folder is our best-selling folding machine because of its proven track record in demanding high-production environments. It can process up to 50,000 products per hour and run non-stop for multiple days. The machine is fed with a continuous dough sheet and can also deposit filling inside and on top of products.

Charlie Dough Folder

The Charlie Dough Folder is a compact, more flexible version of the Hercules Dough Folder. It has a small footprint and was designed for lower-volume production up to 15,000 products per hour. It can produce a wide range of products with a variety of dough types thanks to quick retooling and short changeover. The machine can be fed with a spool or a continuous dough sheet.

Odin Dough Folder

The Odin Dough Folder is designed for plants with capacity needs between the Charlie and the Hercules, and can process up to 27,000 products per hour. Like the Hercules, it can run non-stop for several days, and like the Charlie, it can be quickly retooled for multiple products. The machine is fed with a continuous dough sheet.

Automatic Pizza Folder

Our Automatic Pizza Folder produces folded-edge pizza crusts and stuffed crusts at an industrial scale, with a capacity that rivals today’s highest-speed sheeting lines. It can handle a variety of dough types and create pizzas with either uniform edges or edges with a hand-folded appearance. The machine can fold a 12-in crust at more than 10,800 pizzas per hour.

Rotary Filler

The Rotary Filler is a depositor specifically designed for portioning and applying viscous fillings with unique shapes — including triangles, ovals, circles, and rings — with or without particulates. It can be used as a standalone unit or integrated with a folding machine to produce products with inside or top fillings at very high speeds. A divided hopper also allows you to deposit different fillings at the same time across the belt.

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