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Continuous Mixing Solutions

Sobatech continuous mixing
Sobatech continuous mixing
Sobatech continuous mixing

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Our continuous mixing solutions are available in three designs to handle a wide variety of applications.

  •  The short continuous mixer (top) has the smallest footprint. Because the motor is located under the gearbox and drive shaft, the short continuous mixer uses vertical space rather than floor space.
  • The low continuous mixer (middle) is longer, but doesn’t take up as much vertical space. The advantage of this design is that you can look into the mixer from standing height.
  • The hanging hygienic mixer (bottom) has no contact with the floor, which makes it easy to clean underneath. It can be hung from a  platform or the ceiling.



  • Constant measurement and control of kneading energy and dough temperature

  • Liquid ingredients injected in stream of solids: large contact surface

  • All solid ingredients are exposed to and absorb the same quantity of liquid ingredients

  • High efficiency in kneading intensity and dough development

  • Fully automated and recipe controlled dough production

  • Controlled return of re-work in dough stream

  • Self emptying & integrated CIP system

  • Constant monitoring and data logging of ingredient consumption and dough output

  • Integration and communication with dough make-up line

  • Open source software and graphical operator interface

  • Small footprint, simple system set-up, easy access to all parts of the line


  • Croissants and pastry
  • Sandwich and toast bread
  • Baguettes and ciabatta
  • Brioche and rolls
  • Hamburger and hot dog buns
  • Cookies and biscuits
  • Pizza and focaccia
  • Tortillas and flatbreads
  • Cakes


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  • Up to 20,000 lbs / hour

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