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Sandwich Pancake Machine 24GC

This sandwich pancake machine is developed for the original Japanese pancake dorayaki concept. Designed for smaller throughput requirements this Masdac model can process approximately 2400 pcs/hr. Flexible and versatile this line is fully automated and can produce a variety of sizes and styles in open, half open, or fully sealed configuration. 

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  • Touch screen
  • Computer controlled burner setting 
  • Full copper baking plates
  • Water cooled depositor for stable batter quality
  • Electrical top heaters with adjustable positioning
  • Adjustable flipper station for turning pancakes
  • Unit for re-arranging the aligning and positioning of pancakes
  • Accurate and synchronized filling depositor
  • Optional heat print unit for adding characters or logo
  • Automatic sandwich and sealing operation


  • Heated logo printing
  • Filled or unfilled pancakes
  • Sealed or open edges
  • Individual or sandwiched pancakes
  • Gas or electric versions available


  • Sweet pancakes
  • Semi-sealed pancakes
  • Filled pancakes
  • Savory pancakes
  • Fully-sealed pancakes
  • Decorated pancakes



  • Width 4.5′ (1.4 m)
  • Length 28′ (8.5 m)
  • Height 4.9′ (1.5 m)


This unit SDR-KAM-24GC produces approximately 2400 pcs/hr (this may vary with required baking time). For specific calculations please contact us. 

Three standard equipment sizes these machines can produce 6000 pcs/hr, 2400 pcs/hr, or 850 pcs/hr depending on your throughput needs. 

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