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An Industry Leader in Automated Bakery Equipment

We’re committed to use our experience with food processing equipment & new technologies to help our clients develop new products and successfully automate their production requirements.


Whether you’re looking for a single unit machine to reduce or eliminate manual labor & increase your bottom line, or a complete bakery system for fully automatic production, Naegele Inc. Bakery Systems has the equipment & experience you can count on for turning your automation goals into a reality. 


At Naegele Inc. Bakery Systems we know your products mean everything to your business. We’re committed to providing our experience with food processing equipment & new technologies for developing your new products & successfully automating even the most challenging of production requirements.

Latest News

Naegele Bakery Systems’ Top 5 Articles of 2019

This year, we launched a new website and a new blog, full of content about bakery trends, equipment, and more. Here are our top 5 articles of 2019. 1. 7 Benefits of Automation for Bakery Processing Lines Rising demand for artisan bread and the desire for faster, more...

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When to Automate Your Bakery Production Line

If you’re looking to expand your baking business, you’ve probably thought about automating your line. But is now the right time? New equipment is an investment. How can you know that automation will provide the benefits you want?  There is no hard-and-fast formula to...

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Ingredients That Help Clean Up the Bakery Aisle

As consumer trends evolve, bakers often face the challenge of modifying their recipes to meet the demand without losing the taste, texture, and functional advantages of the original ingredients. And clean label is, perhaps, driving more formulation changes than any...

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The Bakery Trends of 2020, as Predicted by Whole Foods

For the fifth time, more than 50 experts from the Whole Foods team came together to forecast the top food and beverage trends of the coming year. Among their predictions were a few trends that could impact and inspire the baking industry in 2020.  Regenerative...

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Popular Applications

Naegele Inc. Bakery Systems offers a wide arrange of industrial scale equipment for bakery applications. 





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