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An exciting new development in bite-sized pastries and appetizers is now available with the Micro Folding Machine. This new innovation folds filled dough products as small 2″ in size. With any possibility of sweet or savory fillings, such as such apple, raspberry or cherry filling finished with a sprinkle of sugar or savory fillings such as ham and cheese, chicken or fish finished with a sprinkle of cheese, these miniature products are ideal for gourmet appetizers, single-bite pastry products, single-serve desserts, and much more. This type of small product is in high demand, but production of these items typically requires vast amounts of manual labor — until now. The new Micro Folding Machine is the industry’s answer for high quality, high capacity, cost-effective production with zero manual labor for cutting, filling and folding.

We have combined the production capacity of our proven Hercules high-speed pastry folder, and the compact design of our Charlie folding machine into the new Micro Folding Machine, which automates the laborious hand-folding of these small products. A 10-row machine running at 40 strokes per minute can deliver up to 24,000 14-gram (½oz) products per hour. A special 10-row version of our piston depositor has also been developed to accommodate countless fillings for these products. A design with hopper dividers allows the Micro Folding Machine to run with several different fillings at the same time for variety-pack production. Each depositing lane can also be individually adjusted to allow for differences in the viscosity of different fillings.

The new Micro Folding Machine is built on a portable frame, and can easily be moved in and out of an existing production line for quick product changeovers. We can also supply fixed-length or telescopic conveyors to put in-line when the folding machine is not being used.

Do you currently produce a product like this using labor for cutting, filling and folding? Give us a call or fill out our website contact form and we can show you how to eliminate tons of labor, improve your product quality and consistency, and increase production capacity with one of our Micro Folding Machines.

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