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Through our expertise in the frozen dough and pre-proofed bakery foods, we have developed a state-of-the-art pre-proofed and frozen dough process with remarkable success in production. With flexibility in mind, we’ve created facilities with lines versatile enough to accommodate over 200 different pre-proofed and frozen products on the same line – with zero changeover time! From bulk ingredient handling, automated mixing, laminating, makeup, proofing, to freezing – a complete turnkey system can be tailored specifically to match your production needs, whatever they may be. Whether it be flat products (for example, pizza crusts), or rolled products (baguettes, cinnamon rolls, etc.), or both, our lines are designed to produce high-quality products with unsurpassed uniformity using unique dough-handling and makeup systems specially engineered for pre-proofed and frozen processes.

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