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Advantages of Kaak HMI
Control SystemKaak-HMI-Thumbnail

  • Similar screen layouts for entire line
  • Monitoring and control of the complete plant from everywhere along the production line
  • Visual support for recipe parameters
  • Visual support for alarm locations with detailed diagnostic information
  • Display parameter details based on user login levels
  • Data logging and reporting

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New Dough Extruder from DrieM
Sanitary Dough Sheeting Lines

  • Capacities up to 22,000 lbs/hr
  • Standard Washdown Design
  • Dough sheeting lines for artisan breads, pan breads, pizzas & flat breads

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New Delidding System from Kaak Group

Superior Pans From Kaak Bakeware

  • Complete bakeware engineering from concept to final product
  • High-quality industrial pans with custom sizes, shapes, materials and coatings designed for your application
  • Fully automated production of bakeware through the use of industrial robotics

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