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A newly developed and patented system addresses the problem of “bursting seams” that occurs after baking panned breads when the seam is positioned at the top of the dough piece in the pan. This fully-automatic seam position control system eliminates the need to manually adjust the seam position in the pan after moulding the dough pieces. The system can be integrated into the panning area of almost any bread production line with a moulding system.

The system offers the latest in advanced technology, including:


  • A multi-beam laser module combined with an ultra-high-speed digital camera system, and vision software that detects the precise seam position after moulding.
  • The servo-controlled depositing system rotates the dough piece as required and deposits the dough piece into the pan with the seam facing downward.
  • Includes a touch-screen operator interface and state-of-the-art controls system.


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