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Meurer Brothers Bakery logoThe Meurer family has been supplying the market with authentic European-style pastries for 90 years. Founded by Francis and Lorraine Meurer, the Meurer Bakery first opened in 1929, providing delicious baked goods to their community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over time, the company expanded, and today, Dave and Mike Meurer, the founders’ grandsons, run Meurer Brothers Bakery, which makes authentic Danish pastries, traditional coffee cakes, and classic shortbread turtle cookies for wholesale clients.

The company continues to adhere to the same standards of quality as the master bakers who first started making products under the Meurer name. Their products are cleaner label, using only natural colors and preservatives, and they source only the best, mostly local, ingredients, such as Wisconsin cheese, Door County cherries, and Michigan apples. “Our focus is on quality,” Dave Meurer says. “We make our own fillings from scratch, and we pay attention to the quality details that I think a lot of the high-volume manufacturers have lost sight of. It’s who we are.”

Producing high-quality products requires high-quality equipment. In particular, making Danish pastries involves a laminated dough process, which Meurer notes is “one of the more difficult things to do in bakery.” For help selecting the right equipment, Meurer contacted the team at Naegele Bakery Systems. The service he received was beyond what he expected.

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about working with Naegele is that they’re genuinely, and I emphasize genuinely, interested in the well-being of their clients,” Meurer says. “They’re very experienced in what they do, they have access to all sorts of equipment and process ideas, and they facilitate the creative process of problem solving so that we can achieve what we’re trying to achieve.”

One of the ways Naegele was able to help Meurer Brothers find the equipment they needed was by facilitating bakery tours in Europe. “We’ve taken several trips with the Naegele team over to Europe to visit bakeries,” Meurer says. “That was all part of the process with them, which was phenomenal. Where else can you find service like that?”

The custom-made equipment Meurer Brothers decided on is part of the company’s “secret sauce,” giving them a competitive advantage by allowing them to achieve both quality and efficiency. “We’re able to produce a European-style pastry, which is uncommon in the United States,” Meurer says. “And we can accomplish that in a very efficient, highly automated way. Those two elements — a unique form and an efficient process — make it a win-win.”

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