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In the past, flexibility and efficiency were seen as opposing forces — for an increase in one, you had to give up a bit of the other. 

At least that’s what people thought. As it turns out, the evidence supporting this tradeoff idea was, as some researchers put it, “remarkably weak.”

Bakery equipment is the perfect example of how efficiency and flexibility work together. Today, even the largest-scale equipment operating at peak capacity and achieving the highest throughput rates is still flexible enough to meet the needs of bakery processors.

Here are some of the innovative features that make bakery equipment highly flexible.

User-friendly HMIs

In the past, it required an engineer, or at least a computer programmer, to change the recipe on a production line. Not anymore. Today, machines come equipped with user-friendly human-machine interfaces (HMIs) so that operators on the floor can easily change the recipes on demand. Fully integrated and automated production lines may even have a single HMI that can be used to control the entire process.

Independent, and independently controlled, zones

Do you need some products baked at 350°F and others at 450°F? Maybe you have some products that require longer proofing times than others? Many ovens, proofers, and other types of bakery equipment have different zones that can be independently controlled.


Similar to independent zones, many machines are constructed in a modular fashion so that they can be easily inserted or bypassed as needed. For example, our Multi-Step Vertical Proofer has levels and even whole modules that can be skipped as necessary to provide flexibility in proofing times.

Tool-less changeover

Gone are the days when technicians would have to get out their toolbox to changeover between products. Now — for the sake of flexibility, efficiency, and also food safety — most changeovers no longer require tools. The operators just need to disassemble and assemble a few color-coded pieces. In some cases, the machines will send a notification if the parts aren’t assembled properly.

Complete multi-product lines

Complete multi-product lines are designed for applications that require the ultimate in both flexibility and efficiency. 

Our Multi-Product line combines conveyors, final proofers, an oven, and cooling equipment into the equivalent of two or three independent dough lines. Depending on the configuration, it can produce rolls and buns, standard loaves, baguettes, and even laminated products. Each product has its own makeup section, but they all share the equipment they use in common. Once again, the oven has independent zones that can bake different products at different temperatures and for different lengths of time.

If you need more flexibility on your bakery line, contact us. We have a large portfolio of equipment to meet all of your production needs.

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