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This summer may look very different from seasons past. Consumers are spending more time at home and may have to skip that summer vacation. So they’ll welcome the opportunity to enjoy baked goods that bring out the look, feel, and taste of the season. 

Here’s a look at what’s trending in the bakery aisle and what summertime indulgences consumers are craving.

Decorate for the occasion

Bakers can transform a tried-and-true treat into a seasonal sweet simply by changing its decoration. Baked goods that look like summer classics (e.g., watermelon or s’mores) or represent things associated with the season (e.g., sunshine or the beach) are sure to catch the attention of consumers. 

But simpler decorations are becoming the norm for sweet baked goods. A drizzle of glitter glaze or colored frosting is sometimes enough to do the trick. Vibrant, bright colors are another sign of the season — though to satisfy clean label demands, those colors should come from natural ingredients.

Capture the seasonal flavors 

Traditional favorites like salted caramel, marshmallow, chocolate and vanilla, and honey are here to stay as popular fillings and flavorings. But summertime also invites numerous fruity and floral flavors, including: 

  • Citrus fruits (lemon, lime, and orange)
  • Tropical fruits (coconut, pineapple, watermelon, and passionfruit)
  • Berries (strawberry, blueberry, and elderberry)
  • Flower extracts (hibiscus, lavender, rose, and chamomile)

Products with functional ingredients — such as those that boost immunity, offer digestive support, or help with relaxation — will also see increased demand. And many of the fruit and floral ingredients above offer such functional benefits in addition to flavor. Other additives in the functional territory include green tea and kombucha, as well as spices like turmeric and ginger.

Bakers can also get creative and bake up interesting flavor combinations like honey lavender, strawberry basil, or lemon ginger.

Create smaller-sized indulgences

More small and single-person households call for more single-serve goods. Miniature cakes, single cupcakes or muffins, and snack packs help consumers enjoy bakery products without wasting food. 

Dorayaki, a handheld Japanese pancake sandwich with sweet or savory fillings, is the perfect treat for this single-serve, snackable trend. It’s a highly customizable treat that can be flavored or decorated for the season. And Naegele now offers a complete production line to make it a new favorite snack.  

Prepare more frozen goods

A longer shelf-life and convenience have boosted sales of frozen products in recent months Seventy percent of consumers purchased more frozen foods than usual in recent months, and 50% say they’ll continue to do so. 

Frozen pizzas are in high demand for those stocking up, as are frozen sweets like cakes, pastries, and doughs. Even breads — half of consumers say they’re buying bread to store in the freezer. So now’s the time for baking manufacturers to boost production and expand product offerings of such items. 

Travel might be limited this year, but consumers can still experience summer through food, with both nostalgic flavors and newfound favorites.

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