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This year, we launched a new website and a new blog, full of content about bakery trends, equipment, and more. Here are our top 5 articles of 2019.

1. 7 Benefits of Automation for Bakery Processing Lines

Rising demand for artisan bread and the desire for faster, more efficient lines are fueling the need for automation across the bakery segment. From higher throughput to a smaller equipment footprint, here are the biggest benefits of automating your bakery processing lines.

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2. The Future Is Ancient: Growth in the Ancient Grains Market

Consumer preferences are taking food back to its roots — raw, unprocessed, and bursting with nutritional value. This movement has helped ancient grains resurface as trending ingredients. Learn about the baker-friendly grains that are (re)gaining popularity.

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3. The Bakery Trends of 2020, as Predicted by Whole Foods

Every year, more than 50 experts from the Whole Foods team came together to forecast the top food and beverage trends of the coming year. Among their predictions for 2020 are a few trends that could impact and inspire the baking industry.

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4. 5 Bakery Equipment Innovations from the Kaak Group

The Kaak Group is known in the bakery industry as leaders in innovation. Learn how they’ve redesigned their equipment to help processors tackle today’s biggest challenges.

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5. How to Ensure Your Equipment Suppliers Have the Expertise to Help You Grow Your Business

You know how important it is that your equipment suppliers have expert-level knowledge, an in-depth understanding of the industry, and the resources to cover skills gaps in your company. But how do you identify them? Learn what qualities and practices indicate a supplier has the expertise necessary to help you solve problems and optimize your operations.

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