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Bakers are innovative people by the nature of their role. And they get to stir their ideas into delightful, delectable creations to share with their customers.

But to stand out from the crowd, they have to bring a taste and texture to the table that’s unique and memorable, something that makes consumers come back for seconds and leaves them curious about what’s next.

Here are some ways bakeries can keep things exciting and produce one-of-a-kind baked goods that differentiate their brand. 

Mix it up with new flavors and ingredients

Whether it’s a small tweak to a long-standing recipe or an entirely new formula, baked goods leave plenty of room for original creations. And bakeries that regularly innovate will keep their consumers and competitors guessing.

Bakers can choose from a wide variety of spices and sweeteners, as well as inclusions like grains, seeds, and nuts; dried fruits; or chocolates and candies. Some of these ingredients add both flavor and visual appeal to products, allowing consumers to see the flavor combinations in the presentation.

Though there’s a place for bold and unexpected flavors, especially for adventurous tasters, sometimes reviving old favorites in a new way is enough to create a baked good worth sharing. Many bakers are bringing back ancient grains in new formulations, a move that’s particularly attractive to health-conscious and gluten-free consumers.

New flavors can also come through in processing changes. For example, a longer fermentation process can intensify the flavors of breads.

Try out different looks

Standing out from competitors has a lot to do with appearances, too. It’s the first thing consumers notice about a product. And in a bakery aisle filled with similar goods, unusual colors, shapes, and textures are sure to catch the eye. 

From forming doughs into interesting shapes to decorating with colorful frostings, garnishes, and toppings, bakers can design mesmerizing products customers won’t soon forget. 

Bring fresh ideas to a large-scale production

Creative ideas that are a triumph in small batches may be challenging to reproduce on a large scale. It may take some trial and error to get to a cost-effective solution that successfully replicates the unique taste and appearance.  

Baking mixes, whether basic or specialized, can help cut down on costs and inventory while adding a convenience that speeds up the production process. 

Bakeries can also partner with suppliers that offer product development support, such as access to processing experts and testing facilities.

It may take a few tries to get it right. But some amount of failure comes with innovation — it’s only a stepping stone to the next big success.

Naegele has been providing product and process development support to industrial bakeries for decades. Our process specialists can assist you with developing new products, product trials and process testing, and improving your existing processes. If you need help, get in touch.

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