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2021 OpportunitiesIt’s that time of year again! Trends watchers from around the industry are busy making their predictions about what types of products will make the biggest splash next year. Here are a few of the reports that have come out so far:

Based on the views of these trends experts plus what we’ve learned from talking with our partners throughout the bakery industry, here are three areas that we think represent the biggest opportunities for next year.

Wellness and functional foods

Both the wellness and functional foods trends have been on a growth trajectory for a while now, and the pandemic has only heightened consumers’ interest in them. In 2021, foods that boost the immune system and provide mental health benefits, such as helping to fight anxiety and stress, will be in high demand.

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Treats from around the world

With international travel likely off the table for some time, consumers will be looking for ways to have novel food experiences at home. Packaged snacks and sweets from around the world will fit the bill perfectly, as they provide both adventure and convenience.

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Innovative new products

In 2020, consumers have largely sought comfort, and many big brands have focused their efforts on their top-selling current products rather than investing in new product development. While this was undoubtedly a smart decision in the short-term, it may come at a long-term price. 

Tom Vierhile, vice president of strategic insights, North America, Innova Market Insights, told Baking Business, “‘Big food’ may undoubtedly achieve some efficiencies that can help improve profit margins as a result of COVID-19-forced changes, but growth must be achieved over the long term and much of that growth is likely to come from new products.”

As consumers settle in for a long winter, they’ll be looking for innovative new products that spark joy. 2021 will reward companies that meet this need.

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