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As this year winds to a close, we’d like to thank you for being a reader of our blog. In case you missed any of them, here are our top articles of 2020.

1. What Are the Biggest Opportunities in the Bakery Products Market Right Now?

This article, published in January 2020, explored what we thought would be the biggest trends of the year. While some of the trends we identified did see growth, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how consumers shopped, at least temporarily. For example, early in the pandemic, consumers opted more for comforting, familiar foods as opposed to more adventurous foods.

Read the article to see how our predictions held up and check out where we think the biggest opportunities will lie in 2021.

2. What Consumers Want Right Now: 5 Current Granola Trends

What consumers want in their granola has evolved beyond oats and nuts. From increased protein content to functional ingredients, this article identifies five factors that can help you capture more of the growing granola market.

Read the article.

3. Bringing Functional Benefits to Bakery Products

Interest in functional foods has grown as consumers start to see food not only as fuel, but as a key component in their overall health and wellness. This article outlines ways bakery manufacturers can capitalize on this trend by incorporating functional ingredients.

Read the article.

4. What Consumers Really Want in the Bakery Aisle

Taste is important — in fact, research shows it’s the most important aspect of food. But, it’s not the only thing that determines purchasing decisions. Learn some other factors, from appearance to sustainable production, that today’s consumers are looking for.

Read the article.

5. Features and Types of Industrial Baking Ovens

The oven is usually the most expensive, not to mention the most important, piece of equipment on a bakery production line, so it’s business-critical that you choose the right one. This article provides an overview of the main types of industrial bakery ovens and the applications for which they work best.

Read the article.

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